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i’m just sad and angry that there are ppl who were fascinated by the hunger games, but what’s happening in ferguson is such a non-issue for them b/c ppl seem to care more about fictional characters than living breathing black americans who are fighting to just live and be seen as human and you know not be killed 

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The real problem with books-turned-movies isn’t “omg they didn’t include every single word in the book” it’s “omg they completely overlooked the main theme, threw out any significant allegories, took away all the emotional pull, an turned it into a boring action movie with a love triangle in it”

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Do you ever get rly pissed because the hunger games films could’ve told such a deep story with themes that reflect our own society’s oppressive systems

but instead they whitewashed the main leads, erased their disabilities, and pretty much romanticized the violence

The degree to which THG movies play into exactly the things the story condemns will never not be staggering to me


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BANGKOK, Thailand — They materialize suddenly, by the dozens, raising a three-finger salute toward the sky. Then they vanish as quickly as they appear, melting into crowds to evade scores of armed troops and police.

They are Bangkok’s anti-coup flash mobs. Under Thailand’s new military junta, which seized power from an elected government in late May, protesting the armed takeover is a crime.

Those daring enough to defy the coup have been reduced to cat-and-mouse games — swift public demonstrations designed to evaporate before police or soldiers can haul off offenders.

The flash mobs’ three-finger salute is inspired by The Hunger Games, the popular science-fiction series depicting a futuristic totalitarian regime. In The Hunger Games series, dissent toward a cruel dictatorship is signaled by raising three fingers; in Bangkok, the salute draws an unflattering comparison to the real-life junta that just seized power.

Bangkok’s anti-coup flash mobs have adopted the ‘Hunger Games’ salute

Photos by AFP/Getty Images

#so i’m waiting for the fandom to get behind this #because you know. actual application of how the series of a dystopia is of CURRENT EVENTS #but since that’s EXACTLY what a lot of the fandom ignores #and that’s exactly what the fandom likes to project as ‘futuristic’ 

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when ur best friend is sad


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saying that divergent ripped off the hunger games because they’re both dystopian series that teenage girls like and have female leads is like saying fahrenheit 451 ripped off 1984 because they’re both dystopian novels that classic literature fans enjoy

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Parallels || Tris and Her Guns

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